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Animations in physical sciences / simulations pour la physique l'histoire et la geographie

by Emaux
Sur ce site, vous trouverez des animations et des simulations pour les sciences physiques, mais aussi pour l'histoire et la géographie. Vous avez aussi accès à quelques cours donnés aux étudiants du BTS CIRA.

Discover! Simulations

by knann (via)
Houghton Mifflin Science: K-6 simulations


Building Homes of Our Own

by knann (via)
Building Homes of Our Own is an interactive teaching tool for the middle and high school classrooms. The simulation presents a macro view of the entire home building process from site selection to final sale. Students collect information, solve problems and make choices as they build a 3D home against a budget, then review credit applications and sell to the buyer of their choice.

Power Politics 3 - The Presidential Campaign Simulator

by knann
What would you have done in the final days of the '04 campaign if you were managing the Kerry campaign? Would you have had the insight to drop your advertising in Florida and make that extra final push in Ohio? Could you have managed Bush's campaign and won one less state than in the 2000 race and still prevailed in the end? If you think you have the answers, Power Politics will let you test your political savvy and campaign skills by putting you in control of your favorite candidate's campaign. Can you make the key strategic decisions that will lead to victory?


Inheritance: It Runs in the Family

by knann
Red eyes or Brown Eyes? Straight wings or curled wings? Go to the lab and breed some fruit flies. Predict and record the offspring and then see the results!

Click and Clone

by knann
Learn about herdity and cloning through this interactive lab simulation. Teacher resources and lesson plan available.

GIS Zone

by knann
Incredible resource for understanding GIS. Outstanding information in interactive format. Five simulations utilizing high-level problems solving skills with teaching materials. Students could also use this for an independent project.

Voyage to the Deep

by knann (via)
Oceanography Simulation for grades 9-12.

Ancient History: The Egyptians from the BBC

by knann
Portal site for studying ancient Egypt. Try the Mummy Maker-- a simulation of the mummification process.

Plimoth Plantation - You are the Historian

by knann (via)
Use the skills of historians to peel away the layers of myth and misconception surrounding “The First Thanksgiving” and discover what might really have happened during the fall of 1621. Outstanding site with Teacher's Guide.

A Walk in the Woods

by knann
Walk in the Woods is designed for third through fifth grade students to gain an appreciation of nature. Accompanied by audio narration.

Amazing Space!

by knann & 1 other
Excellent collection of online explorations for space/astronomy topics. Plenty of teacher_resources.

Blueberry Farm

by knann
Blueberry Farm is a computer program that models a simple ecosystem. It was designed to be used as part of a sequence of science lessons aiming to help Yr7 pupils understand more about the use of chemical agents in farming and how these can affect ecosystems.

Atlantic Challenge

by knann
Sir Richard Harmoat-Wilde plans to be the first to cross the Atlantic in a hot air balloon. Half way across disaster strikes - the balloon punctures and begins to lose height. Pupils working together have to find out what the airship is carrying and jettison equipment in order to make it across.


by knann
A thinking for learning activity to encourage group discussion and justification of decision making. 6 people are left on a liferaft, for the raft to stay afloat 2 people must be thrown off.Who will it be? Why? Is it fair? Who should go first? Are some lives less valuable than others?

Virtual Laboratory

by knann
Collection of Physics, Astronomy, and Environmental Science. Appropritate for high school, college, and gr8 Physical Science units.

Java Applets on Physics

by knann
Many interactive physics applets that demonstrate various concepts. Appropriate for HS and college. Some applets useful for grade 8 Physical Science units.

Physics Free Fall

by knann
This is a simple but effective applet that allows students to measure free fall times and average velocities as a function of distance.

Project Interactivate

by knann
The goals of Project Interactivate are the creation, collection, evaluation, and dissemination of interactive Java-based courseware for exploration in science and math.

When the Wind Blows

by knann
Interactive demonstration of wind from a calm breeze to hurricane levels. Try it!

Energy Info Zone

by knann
Explore how energy powers every aspect of your life, where it comes from and how the planet is coping. Teacher resources at

BBC - History - Viking Quest game

by knann
An epic tale of loot and legend! Travel back in time to the year 793 AD. Can you build a ship, cross the seas, loot a monastery and return home to claim your prize?

Robot Constructor

by knann
Construct your own robot from a range of different materials and components, and try it out in one of our treacherous Zones. If our Zones are not challenging enough, you can construct your own Zones to share, or download one of the hundreds already upload

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