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December 2008

MVU CareerForward - Take the Challenge

by knann
interactive course to assist hs students in exploring career choices

June 2007


by knann
TuitionCoach takes the mystery out of college loans and grants with the best college financial aid tips TuitionCoach attempts to give parents a clear idea of just how much their kids’ college will cost them.TuitionCoach allows you to create separate profiles for each child that you plan to put through school. The most helpful part is the interactive spreadsheet. The numbers can be manipulated easily in order to figure out how to qualify for the most amount of aid.

LocalSchools : An Interactive Education Community

by knann
New way to search for colleges in a specific area using Local Schools. Find schools you may not have thought of or seach by the map.

U Sphere : Online College Application and Free College Search Engine

by knann
Get in front of 33 colleges and universities with one application. Only $65.

March 2007

NPR : The College Admissions Game

by knann
The frenzy surrounding college admissions, especially at a small group of highly selective colleges, is intense and, according to some college deans, out of control. In a seven-part series, NPR explores the alternatives. Check out our extra tips and reports online, too.

Educated Nation | Higher Education Blog

by knann & 1 other (via)
News, humor, advice, and opinion on education and career, graduate school and college degrees.

January 2007

ePrep: Expert Advice on Test Prep and College Planning

by knann
Great reputable site with loads of information and resources for the college bound student. Lots of SAT prep material mp3 and video podcasts for download to your computer or player. If you don't have iunes, click the Test Prep tab and download the alternative format.

December 2006 :: Free Online Test Prep

by knann
SAT, ACT, GRE, VOCAB's online test preparation courses are totally free! By creating an account you can access a customized course that includes user-friendly tutorials, practice sessions that dynamically adapt to each student's ability level, a vocabulary builder, and more...

IntelliGrad: Entrepreneurship, Technology & Education » Blog Archive » 2.0 Campuses: The Top 10

by knann (via)
After doing some research IntelliGrad has arrived at what we believe to be the first 2.0 Campus Rankings. We base these results on numerous factors including: innovation of alumni, innovative use of technology in teaching, school size, school location, entrepreneurship/web-related course offerings, “wiredness,” endowment and number of students, student voice/engagement. Please take this with a grain of salt – we invite comments, feedback and suggestions. I’m sure we have missed some great schools

November 2006

SAT MathPro Video Lessons on Demand

by knann & 1 other
SAT Math Pro contains more than 120 video lessons and 300 interactive practice problems that target key areas such as algebra, geometry, data analysis and number properties. Each practice set contains five topic specific math problems, step by step video solutions and follow up questions that reinforce concepts and strategies. SAT Math Pro is being provided, free of charge, to any student with internet access. This is an incredible resource that is not only applicable to the SAT but the PSAT, ACT, and high school assessment tests as well.

October 2006


by knann (via)
CareerShip is a free online career exploration adventure for middle and high school students. CareerShip is a product of Mapping Your Future, a public-service web site providing career, college, financial aid, and financial literacy information and services.

SAT Vocabulary preparation

by knann
Quick 10 word Vocab quiz to prepare for SAT. Get immediate feedback on each response. Visit it everyday for vocab power!

July 2005

Math Tutorials for the SAT

by knann
The purpose of the tutorials is to help you learn important concepts and techniques that are essential in solving problems that commonly appear on the mathematics section of the SAT*.

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