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Sex Novelties

by lovejoy
If you are having a bachelorette party or just need some great sexy gag toys for you and your partner, this is no small collection of sex novelties.

G-Spot Vibrators & Stimulators

by lovejoy
Without question, the most important spot on a woman's body, with the exception of her brain. These g-spot sex toys come in a wonder choice of options.

What kind of lovers we are.

by rika (via)
This post gives example of how we can be classified by our sexuality.


4 Freedoms Relationship Tantra

by (via)
News about Tantra on and off the Internet, by 4 Freedoms Relationship Tantra

Federalizing Social Policy

by jasontromm
Roe v. Wade was wrongly decided, but not because the Supreme Court presumed to legalize abortion rather than ban it. Roe was wrongly decided because abortion simply is not a constitutional issue. There is not a word in the text of that document, nor in any of its amendments, that conceivably addresses abortion. There is no serious argument based on the text of the Constitution itself that a federal "right to abortion" exists. The federalization of abortion law is based not on constitutional principles, but rather on a social and political construct created out of thin air by the Roe court.


Dr. Marty Klein

by sweethell (via)
Marriage Counselor and Sex Therapist helping people understand and accept their sexuality, continually calling attention to the social and political conditions that keep so many of us feeling guilty, confused, scared, and hopeless about our sexual feelings and relationships.

by sweethell
Lair Lair, n. 1. A place in which to lie or rest; especially, the bed or couch of a wild beast. 2. the habitation of wild animals. [syn: den] 3. the residence of polyamorous pagan perverts and pets

Pucker Up - Welcome to my world.

by sweethell
My mission is to educate people of all genders and sexual orientations in their pursuit of healthy, empowering, and transformative sex and relationships. I spread my pleasure-positive message through my books, videos, writing, teaching, and coaching. The Ultimate Female Masturbation And Sexuality Information Site.

by sweethell & 2 others
This site focuses on both of the important female sex organs: The Clitoris and the Mind. Men can learn how to use these two important organs to pleasure a women. Whilst women can learn how to explore themselves sexually, how to masturbate and reach better orgasms.

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