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July 2008


by knann
Excellent webquest building tool and a resource directory of webquests at all grade levels. Free registration allows building of one webquest per email address. Quality counts. Must meet the standards explained onsite. Allows attachments to support the quest.

June 2008

k12learning20 ยป 23Things

by knann
This self-guided course is delivered entirely online, via this website. There are a total of 23 learning activities or "Things" for you to complete over ten weeks. Each week is organized around a particular topic or theme relating to Web 2.0. You will decide when and where to complete each week's activities, and you will be responsible for "keeping up."

April 2008

Room 108 Teacher Resources

by knann
Fun interactives for science,social studies, and more. If you see something you want linked directly for students, let me know.

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