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How to Make Your Own Luck | Brain Pickings

by anbll
long and interesting article about getting successful at work


Cultural Belief (Part 2)

by bestofme
Don't you know that we are conditioned by our environment? Even, we do not know what is good to eat. We even can be conditioned so that food that taste "not nice" become "delicious".

Music Should Be Fun

by LatchMusic
Music Education Self-Help Article


by LatchMusic
Music Education Self-Help Article


7 Rules How to Stay Motivated

by puamarcus & 1 other
7 ways to stay motivated and focused on your goals even when you are feeling low.

Successfully Handling Information Overload

by oovgroov
Are you being choked by the weeds of information? Richard Saul Wurman, in his book Information Anxiety, said that “a weekday edition of the New York Times contains more information than the average person was likely to come across in a lifetime in seventeenth-century England.” With so much information, advertisements, conflicting views and other noise jostling for our attention, you need to actively filter out the useless from the useful. And how do you do that? Well…it’s through a little process I call Information Gardening.

What I know about how to meet and charm women

by bondiboy
Women are a mystery to many men, me included a lot of the time. We desire them, but are also baffled by them. Despite all their bravado, most young men have no idea how to meet and charm women.

The Human Condition - We are defined by our ignorance

by bondiboy
What defines us as human beings? All sorts of things. But one key quality stands out above almost all others - our complete and utter ignorance. It's the human condition - we know so little about who we are and how the world works, that it almost cripples us.

101 suggestions for squeezing more fun out of life

by bondiboy
Life can sometimes seem like a real drag. The work, worry, stress, chores and general boredom can really get you down.

How to do good work

by bondiboy
When I was at school and university, I was very interested in becoming a writer. Because of that, I did as many professional writing courses as I could in order to polish up my skills. Usually, in such courses, they get you to produce short stories and newspaper articles.

Self-discipline - Five simple exercises for improving your willpower

by bondiboy
Being successful is largely about gaining control over some aspects of the external world.

Everything changes - Permanence is an illusion

by bondiboy
When I was growing up, my life went through a lot of changes. I started off living in Canberra and going to school there. It was a comfortable life in a nice quiet neighborhood.

Work life balance - Don't forget to live a little sometimes

by bondiboy
Modern Western culture is obsessed with the benefits of hard-work. Sometimes, it seems to consume our lives. We put in all sorts of hours improving ourselves and our financial situation in order to "get ahead in life".


by nisarga
Informative site on the mental foundation of Yoga and Success. Great newsletter and blog with interactive examples.

Five things likely to make you happier in the short term

by loneranger
Here is my list of things to give you a short-term "hit" of happiness. Of course, these things won't solve your long-term problems, but they are useful tricks to giving yourself some relief when it all seems too much.

The Health Cards System

by fenman
I've known some people find this approach useful

clean sweep assessment

by abar65 & 6 others
Are you ready to clean up your life?

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