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September 2006

Graph-based Modeling on Python

by YukuanBlog & 1 other
模擬複雜網路,也可以套用 Agent-based modeling 架構。不過諸如網路的群聚度(clustering coefficient, C)及網路特徵的路經長度(characteristic path length, L)等統計數據計算需耗費的時間,隨著網路的規模成長很快,所以不適合運作太頻繁。但我們卻得靠這些統計數據來判斷網路是否收斂、試驗是否該終止了,想試驗各個參數排列組合時,更是雪上加霜。

January 2006

Simulation Tools

by YukuanMark
This is a review of simulation software that does not aim to be complete. Some of the links are outdated, and many more links are missing.

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