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August 2007

June 2007

xThink Online Calculator (beta)

by ycc2106
Online Scientific Calculator, where you write (draw) the symbols, you can annotate and save your work. -useful!

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January 2007

September 2006

Dynamic Plot on Python

by YukuanBlog
之前介紹 Python 在複雜網路模擬實驗的應用時,曾提到用 Matplotlib 來繪製該實驗的圖表。其模仿 Matlab 的繪圖功能,用起來方便,所繪製的圖也在水準之上。有圖有真相,這就秀秀用 Matplotlib 為該實驗繪製的兩張圖表:

Graph-based Modeling on Python

by YukuanBlog & 1 other
模擬複雜網路,也可以套用 Agent-based modeling 架構。不過諸如網路的群聚度(clustering coefficient, C)及網路特徵的路經長度(characteristic path length, L)等統計數據計算需耗費的時間,隨著網路的規模成長很快,所以不適合運作太頻繁。但我們卻得靠這些統計數據來判斷網路是否收斂、試驗是否該終止了,想試驗各個參數排列組合時,更是雪上加霜。

August 2006

SciPy -

by YukuanMark
SciPy is open-source software for mathematics, science, and engineering. It is also the name of a very popular conference on scientific programming with Python.

July 2006

SGT Graphics Package

by YukuanMark
The Scientific Graphics Toolkit (SGT) facilitates easy development of platform independent, Java applications to produce highly interactive, flexible, publication quality, object oriented graphics of scientific data. Features include user settable or auto

May 2006

January 2006

Scientific Computation Tools

by YukuanBlog
作科學研究常需要作些計算,可以幫我們作這些運算的軟體很多,其中最讓我印象深刻的是 Mathematica 及 Matlab 。它們用起來方便,功能更是不在話下,但就是要花錢買,而且還不便宜。

Welcome to GNU TeXmacs (FSF GNU project)

by YukuanMark
GNU TeXmacs is a free wysiwyw (what you see is what you want) editing platform with special features for scientists. The software aims to provide a unified and user friendly framework for editing structured documents with different types of content (text,

Computer algebra system - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

by YukuanMark
A computer algebra system (CAS) is a software program that facilitates symbolic mathematics. The core functionality of a CAS is manipulation of mathematical expressions in symbolic form.

Axiom Computer Algebra System - Summary [Savannah]

by YukuanMark
Axiom is a general purpose Computer Algebra system. It is useful for doing mathematics by computer and for research and development of mathematical algorithms. It defines a strongly typed, mathematically correct type hierarchy. It has a programming langua


by YukuanMark
wxMaxima is a cross platform GUI for the computer algebra system maxima based on wxWidgets. It provides menu and dialog based interface for maxima and a nice display of math output.

Simulation Tools

by YukuanMark
This is a review of simulation software that does not aim to be complete. Some of the links are outdated, and many more links are missing.


by YukuanMark
Project rlabplus is a continuation of work on an open-source scripting environment for scientific computations RLaB2. Project rlabplus provides release 2 of RLaB2, which contains upgrades of the numerical libraries used in the first release, and many new

Maxima - A GPL CAS based on DOE-MACSYMA

by YukuanMark & 2 others
Maxima is a system for the manipulation of symbolic and numerical expressions, including differentiation, integration, Taylor series, Laplace transforms, ordinary differential equations, systems of linear equations, and vectors, matrices, and tensors. Max

December 2005

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