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MBG Scaffolder: Everything You’ve Ever Wanted in a PHP Scaffolding Package | Meta Beta Geek

by Spone & 1 other
The MBG Scaffolder package is an open source PHP scaffolding utility designed and modeled (loosely) after the Ruby On Rails scaffolding concept. Born out of necessity, MBG Scaffolder provided a front-end web interface for quickly manipulating data within MySQL databases. The first iteration covered the basics, allowing record creation, retrieval, updating and deletion. It also allowed for automatic table joins using referential rules within the database. But it was still pretty limited.


Zend_Tool - Zend Framework Wiki

by Spone (via)
Zend_Tool outil de scaffolfing Zend Framework

scaffolding - Prendre un Café

by julie

Gagnez du temps avec Symfony 1.0 et son générateur de back-office


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