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Crazy Idea #1: Converting My Blog Posts In Audio Files

by Xavier Lacot
William Durand exposes how to create audio files from blog posts, using the OSX "say" command line tool. A simple idea and a nifty shell script!


Faites chanter votre Mac !

by nhoizey
osascript -e 'say "oh This is a silly song silly song silly song this is the silliest song ive ever ever heard So why keep you listening listening listening while you are supposed to work to work to work to work its because i hate my job hate my job hate my job its because i hate my job more than anything else No its because youve no life youve no life youve no life and you better go get one after forwarding this crap" using "cellos"'


Brian Stucki » Remote Say

by nhoizey & 1 other
It is very fun to see what people choose to ask computers. It’s equally fun to see reactions to the Mac response.


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