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Masayuki Shimabukuro Samurai Swordsmanship: Drills [8/10] CD2 - YouTube

by Takwann
black belt Hall presents: the art of sword of the samurai in the famous Wizard Masayuki Simabukuro (Masayuki Shimabukuro)-Weapons Instructor of the year, 2006-and his senior disciple Karl e. long (Carl e. long) that demonstrate rituals and technology tell us about the history and construction of the sword of the Samurai. This trehtomnaa DVD collection includes the basics of Iaido, intermediate, and advanced level, as well as interviews with both teachers.


Samurai Katana Sword: Katana Blade Structure

by Takwann
To create an excellent cold weapon, a swordsmith is to achieve two goals: the blade must be sharp but, simultaneously, it should not be brittle. However, these two ends contradict each other. The higher is the carbon content of the steel, the sharper is the sword that is produced from it, but high carbon content also makes the blade fragile. Using ductile steel allows to achieve durability, but the swords made from soft, malleable steel grow blunt very soon.

The Swordsman and the Cat | [ ]

by Takwann & 1 other
The tale “Neko no Myojutsu” is from an old budo fable written by the samurai Niwa Jurozaemon Tadaaki (pen name Issai Chozanshi, 1659-1741) in 1727. To quote William Scott Wilson: “Little is known about the man.. but he was clearly acquainted with swordsmanship, philosophy, and art, and had made an extensive study of Buddhism, Confucianism, Taoism, and Shinto, and seems to have been familiar with the works of Musashi and the priest Takuan” (see references).


Samurai Archives Wiki

by Takwann
The Samurai Archives Wiki project is an attempt to create the most concise and detailed database of pre-20th century Japanese history on the internet. Although the SamuraiWiki is hosted on the Samurai Archives, this is a general resource intended for everyone interested in Japanese history. This wiki is in no way affiliated with Wikipedia.


YouTube - Discovery Channel- The Samurai Sword Part 1

by Takwann
This is a brief documentation of japanese sword making and histroy of the Katana brought to you by the dicovery channel program descive weapons.

The Samurai Archives Japanese History Page

by Takwann
Welcome to the Samurai Archives, an on-going effort to create an extensive database on the Internet for all interested in this fascinating piece of human history. This page deals with the military aspects of Old Japan, and as such devotes considerable space to the warriors themselves, along with descriptions of battles and various other 'militant' topics. Yet, given Japan's dynamic history, we could hardly confine ourselves to such a narrow view without diminishing the depth and sheer pagentry of our subject . The heart of the page will continue to be the warriors, but with every effort being made to round out our picture. We have and will continue to make every effort to make sure that the information we post is accurate - and will not hesitate to change any mistakes that come to our attention. Where possible, Japanese sources are used - and even these we endeavor to double-check. Nonetheless, inevitably mistakes will be made or reprinted - readers are heartily encouraged to let us know! Moreover, we would be delighted to answer any questions or just hear from fellow lovers of Japanese history. We do not view history or learning as something to be jealously guarded but rather as a gift to be shared with all who seek it.


Fairies Of Virtue Wall Sculptures

by mayble86
Fairies Of Virtue Wall Sculptures - 36179 Demonstrating the Samurai virtue of Fudo (strength), this graceful warrior demonstrates his ROSE (WHITE-DRIED) - Death is Preferable to Loss of Virtue WALL FLOWER/GILLY FLOWER - Faithful in Adversity, Fidelity, La



by ascnetwork
All you need ot know about Samuraisword

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