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01 September 2006

GeoRSS: Geographically Encoded Objects for RSS feeds

by dcancel & 8 others
This site describes a number of ways to encode location in RSS feeds.

22 August 2006


by dcancel
George takes an address, geocodes it using multiple services (presently Google, Yahoo, MetaCarta, and, but others are coming), and plots the results on a Google map.

19 August 2006

Borealis Ventures

by dcancel
Seed and early stage venture capital firm focused on investing in Northern New England.

16 August 2006

The definitive heatmap/clickmap

by dcancel & 4 others
a complete solution that allows collecting, analyzing and showing the click information our users give us.

Ferret and Location-based Searches

by dcancel
Location-based searches using Ferret (Lucene Ruby Port)

12 August 2006

11 August 2006

10 August 2006

Wireless Frameworx - Email to SMS

by dcancel
Email to SMS gateway lets you send SMS messages from your preferred email application without any plugins. Works great for sending SMS messages from web applications since SMS messages can be handled as a standard email

09 August 2006

05 August 2006

StrikeIron Global SMS Pro Web Service 2.5.0

by dcancel
Instantly send single or bulk SMS messages to any mobile phone

US Shortcodes

by dcancel
Purchase US shortcodes

01 August 2006


by dcancel & 6 others
Hello video for users

Odeo: Record a message for cote

by dcancel
Record a voicemail for a user

31 July 2006 » JavaScript Image Cropper UI, using Prototype &

by dcancel & 6 others
The JavaScript image cropper UI allows the user to crop an image using an interface with the same features and styling as found in commercial image editing software, and is is based on the Prototype JavaScript framework and

28 July 2006

The Juggernaut plugin for Ruby on Rails

by dcancel & 4 others
Aims to revolutionize your Rails app by letting the server initiate a connection and push data to the client. In other words your app can have a real time connection to the server with the advantage of instant updates.

22 July 2006

18 July 2006

17 July 2006

Active Merchant - Trac

by dcancel
Active Merchant is a payment abstraction library sponsored by jadedPixel and written by Tobias Luetke and contributors. Its currently in production use in Shopify, the project which spawned the library.

14 July 2006

I want to give users a unique url upon signup - Rails Weenie

by dcancel
I want to give users theirn own personal url. For example

12 July 2006

11 July 2006

Ajax Scaffold Generator

by dcancel & 6 others
Generates a production ready, fully styled, interface for managing models. Generates valid XHTML and CSS. Designed to be used as a Rails component so you can easily create an admin console by dropping in multiple scaffolds.

08 July 2006

Union Square Ventures:

by dcancel
A New York Venture Capital Fund Focused on Early Stage & Startup Investing

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