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by Spone
Configure any server to run Ruby on Rails servers in minutes and without hassle.

Fae CMS | A Flexible, Open-Source, Ruby On Rails CMS Engine

by Spone
Like many Rails CMS engines, Fae delivers all the basics to get you up and running: authentication/authorization, a responsive UI, form helpers and workflows. But unlike other engines, Fae generates models, controllers, and views into your app that inherit from its core classes. That’s what enables Fae to work by default with almost no coding. And when it’s time to customize a single view or an entire section, it can be done in a way that will feel familiar to most Rails developers.


Why You Should Taste Grape – Glauco Custódio – Software engineering, open source, community and passion

by Spone
I know that Rails 5 with --api mode is around the corner. But I need to say you how awesome is to build APIs with Grape. I will show you why. What are the main features we expect from a good API? Parameter validation Parameter coercion Documentation Serialization Performance Versioning Authentication Testing The first four items are the ones in which Grape really shines for me. I am going through one at a time.

Stubbing External Services in Rails - Semaphore

by Spone
Learn how to stub external services when testing your Ruby on Rails application.


How to integrate Sidekiq with ActiveJob - Ruby Journal

by Spone
One of the hot thing in Rails 4.2 is the brand new ActiveJob gem, this gem consolidate the API for background job gems on the market such as DelayedJob, Resque, etc. Today I am going to guide you through how to integrate Sidekiq with ActiveJob




An Introduction to Spatial Programming With RGeo

by Spone
One of the most important current trends in the high-tech industry is the rise of spatial and location-based technologies. Once the exclusive domain of complex GIS systems, these technologies are now increasingly available in small applications, websites, and enterprises. This document provides a brief overview of the concepts, techniques, and tools for implementing location-aware application features, focusing on the Ruby programming language and an open-source technology stack.


LESS - Leaner CSS

by maxxyme
The LESS Ruby gem compiles LESS code to CSS.

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