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by jpcaruana & 4 others
Available in Ruby, JavaScript, Python, Erlang, PHP, Perl, Objective-C, Java, .NET, Android, C++, Go, Lua, ooc, ActionScript, ColdFusion, Scala, Clojure, Fantom, CoffeeScript, D, and for node.js. Works great with TextMate, Vim, Emacs, and Coda.


Reia Programming Language

by jpcaruana (via)
Reia is a Ruby-like scripting language for the Erlang virtual machine. Reia brings you the best of both worlds between Ruby's friendly syntax, reflection, metaprogramming, and the amazing power of blocks, and Erlang's immense abilities for concurrency, distribution, hot code swapping, and fault tolerance.


mojombo's erlectricity at master - GitHub

by jpcaruana (via)
Erlectricity allows a Ruby program to receive and respond to Erlang messages sent over the Erlang binary protocol.


Dive into Erlang

by jpcaruana
A Rubyist dabbles in today's most exciting programming language

RubyForge: Erlectricity: Information sur le projet

by jpcaruana (via)
Erlectricity exposes Ruby to Erlang and vice versa. It provides a messaging API similar to Erlang's for writing your ruby scripts that interact with erlang



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