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by kemar
Enorme le spoiler de Wrath of the Lich King [from]

Jelly Jumper - game built by InboxDMG

by kemar
savez comment on fait chuter la productivité ? Réponse: avec des jeux comme ça ( C'est cadeau ! ne me remerciez p ... [from]


Urban Killer grenoble 2007

by netimpulse (via)
Un killer urbain sur le m^me principe que le Streetwars de Paris. Les joueurs entrent dans la peau d'un tueurs à gages qui doit remplir son contrat en aspergeant sa victime avec un pistolet à eau, tout en évitant de se faire dézinguer à son tour. Il faudra survivre à 3 semaines de tournoi et développer une paranoïa aigue pour espérer empocher les 500€ de cash offerts au dernier survivant. Games gt Roleplaying

by ktsch & 2 others (via)
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Vodge, the RPG

by gwydas
This is an awesome RPG that I've been playing for a few months. Check back often, the author is doing a "making of" blog and he'll be posting some exciting info on how it got to this point. email him for info if you want a copy. There haven't been many printed yet, so they're really rare.

Vampires! The Dark Alleyway

by nackereia
Roleplaying game. Your character is a vampire, and your goal is to drink other vampire's and humans blood while avoiding the slayers (slayers, as in more than one) and the vampire hunters, as they tend to steal your blood. Some vampire will steal your coi


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