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Restaurante Cadillac Burger delivery Sao paulo | Peça SpoonRocket

by tadeufilippini
Cadillac Burger Comida Variada • $$$$ 3.40 km • 60 min Entrega Grátis O conceito grass feed significa que o gado foi alimentado exclusivamente no pasto, respeitando sua biologia natural. Esse processo resulta em uma carne mais nutritiva e suculenta, e com menos gordura. No cardápio, destaque para o old fashioned burger, uma delícia feita com cheddar inglês, alface da horta da casa, tomate, picles e a exclusiva maionese verde. Vale saber: o Cadillac Burger pertence ao mesmo donos do Distrito Mooca e e do Poke Club.


Staying Young Means Keeping Active – Mind and Body

by hollydodd
In my work I help a lot of senior citizens. It’s always amazing to me when I meet one that is so young and vibrant looking. Time and time these cool people tell me that one of the main reasons they are doing so well is because they keep their minds active with hobbies like reading, word puzzles and even learning a second language.


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