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August 2008

A Copywriter's Blues on Facebook

by AAA Copywriter (via)
A Copywriter's Blues ( ) becomes a Facebook group

December 2006

Micah Redding ... Christian Vegetarian Libertarian Rock & Roll!

by micahtredding
The Christian Libertarian Vegetarian Rock Band lifestyle, as played out on the pages of this blogger-based website. Indie music, Indie bands, and Independent thinking will save the world.

My Christian, Libertarian, Vegetarian, Rock Band take on Life

by micahtredding
This professor by day, rock star by night, live like you mean it, Christian, Libertarian, Vegetarian lifestyle is crazy.

The Redding Brothers - Rock & Roll

by micahtredding
Rock & Roll can Save The World. This indie band with their Christian Libertarian Vegetarian Rock Band lifestyle is on a mission. Save the World from blandness, from top-40 pop r&b!

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