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The Whuffie Bank - Reputation is Wealth

by ycc2106 & 1 other
A Whuffie value is arrived at by taking into account your interactions within the social networks of your choice along with the feedback that originates from your contacts. By tracking these two sources the definitive Whuffie value of any individual is obtained.

2007 - profile aggregator reputation system maps mashup .... ;-)

by cyberien (via) is a shareable Profile Aggregator that lists all your personal Websites, Social Networks, Blogs, Contact Info, Photo Albums and other Profiles in a box. Plus: People can leave a message in your box (this is something between a guestbook and reputation system).


by cyberien
SoWeSay was created to empower you! We created SoWeSay to provide you with a place to share your voice and opinions about anyone including friends, family, peers, all the new people you are meeting online and anyone else who just plain matters to you. We also provide you with a powerful tool to gain insightful feedback from the people you know with SayWhat? customizable polling. SoWeSay is a community of empowered voices ~ your voices! The greater the collaboration, the greater the fun! SoWeSay was founded in the fall of 2006 by two ex-yahoos

The GORB -- Why GORB

by cyberien
Why The GORB? Help us build a better world! The GORB is an online community of professionals where real life reputations are be earned and viewed by others. We accomplish this by collecting personal and professional opinions from our members and use them to drive the dynamic GORB Scoring System. Our unique social network allows members to reveal, discipline and reward the good and bad conduct of others while openly evaluating each others online reputation. Our Marketplace Very few people escape this truth. The professional marketplace in general is inefficient when it comes to distributing information about a person's reputation. Many of us often make daily decisions based on relatively few inputs, some which are poorly validated. When these decisions begin to form the basis for our perceptions about others that we don't know, it should be no surprise that there's a hit-and-miss nature to this "off-line" system! On the other hand, many of us also use people that we know very well as references to gather information and make decisions about others. The GORB aims to leverge reliable professional references and personal opinions to provide a balanced and widely adopted "online" rating system, that allows us to gauge the reputations of one another. Accountability The GORB combines anonymity with accountability. If you provide an anonymous opinion about another person, and if the community around that person accepts your opinion as fair and balanced, then your reputation as a fair and objective person will be enhanced. However, if you offer an opinion that is too positive or too negative, and the community rejects it, your reputation will suffer. With our system, the truth will come out as opinions accumulate and are validated over time. We believe that most of us will have a positive score, but we also realize that sometimes it's harder to identify someone with a good reputation than it is to come across someone with a bad one. At The GORB, we'd like to change that! * Why GORB

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