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Yellowstone Capital fund on alternative energy

by tsalon
$5M, targeting start-ups developing energy sources like wind, solar and hydrogen fuel cells.

Wired News: Change in the Chinese Wind

by tsalon
The new wind power plant, located 60 miles outside Beijing in Guangting, will generate 400 megawatts per day

UK Government Urges World Bank Towards Renewable Energy

by tsalon
The World Bank has set an initial target to increase its renewable energy and energy efficiency portfolios by 20 percent annually over the next five years, which will increase the level of investments in this sector to more than $400 million per year.

Robert Freling, Executive Director of The Solar Electric Light Fund (SELF)

by tsalon
He talks about the power of photovoltaics and the solar rural electrification programs he was responsible for developing and coordinating in Brazil, China, Indonesia, South Africa, and in the Solomon Islands.

Stakeholder Forum: Renewable Energy 2004 Position Papers

by tsalon
poverty alleviation, survey on international players

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