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Social Media Greed

by adwareman17 (via)
From the first time we decide to use social media for our business we have a choice. It is at the heart of everything we do from here on out. We will see a plan of action that will decide whether we create great social media deeds, or commit social media greed. It will define our attitude towards social media. Is this a place to build relationships or a means to take money from people? Our actions in social media define what we really think of our products and services. Do we care about our clients when we sell them everything under the sun for the big score? How do we take of our prospects, so they know we will treat them right once they have handed us a check?





Promotion Buzz | “Sweet Georgia Brown” by Cheryl Robinson

by thegritsdotcom
Sweet Georgia Brown, a novel by bestselling author Cheryl Robinson will be in bookstores January 2, 2008 For more info please visit: or Video directed by Brett Haley


by davidbrendl & 6 others
XING powers relationships for the world’s business professionals. No two people are more than six degrees apart. Put theory into practice and benefit from your XING network.

The True Purpose of Relationships

by shivum
Relationships are meditation in motion. Their true purpose is to reflect clearly one's ego attachments, thus providing opportunities to dissolve the attachments and go beyond. This allows relationships to be based on love and compassion instead of fear. This article has a nice story to demonstrate these ideas.

Sex Novelties

by lovejoy
If you are having a bachelorette party or just need some great sexy gag toys for you and your partner, this is no small collection of sex novelties.

Sex Toys & Adult Toy Store

by lovejoy
LoveJoys Sex Toys & Adult Toy Store offers a wide selection of vibrators, dongs, dildos, lingerie, sexy shoes, lubes & massage products, novelties, KamaSutra, and intimate apparel for men women and couples that can be ordered online or by phone.

Pentecostal Growth in Asia Challenges Catholic Church

by YukihiroKawashi
The rapid growth of Pentecostalism in Asia forced a panel of Catholic leaders to reexamine the meaning of ecumenism on the Asian continent and how the church can meet the needs of Catholics within this context

Broadband Growth Continuing BT Connecting Millions

by JomeiKujo
The number of worldwide consumer broadband connections will reach 364 million by 2010 according to analyst firm Gartner

~The Ultimate Dating Site~

by innocentangel
The place where TRUE LOVE do not only exists but this is also the place where DREAMS COME TRUE! So what are you waiting for? Come Join us for FREE!!!

Why People Stay Single in a Family World?

by webbers
Being single is much better than being locked in an unhappy relationship.


Dating On Line at Christmas

by robinwickens
For those of you that are dating this site offers free registration and reduced charges for full membership. It is only available until the end of December so go join now! This dating site covers all dating from romance to adult.

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