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Glass Attic *Polymer Clay Encyclopedia*

by kathleen_vincent
Over 1700 pages of information on almost everything relating to polymer clay. Lots of lessons, projects, techniques and ideas, links to examples, lists of tools that can be used, supply resources and tips for problem-solving.

January 2012

November 2011


by kathleen_vincent
A peer-reviewed open-access encyclopedia, with entries curated by expert scholars.

September 2011

Lockboxer | Get a price to sell, donate, and inventory your stuff

by kathleen_vincent
Lockboxer is the best free way to find out what your things are worth. Look up a price and instantly save it to your lockbox. Then sell directly to eBay, make a wish list, make a donation, or make a home inventory. Lockboxer makes your life easier by helping you manage your stuff.

Android Apps: Formulae Pro

by alamat (via)
The extended version of Formulae, a physical sciences reference app. This app is suitable for people who want to study chemistry or maths on the go, or are just a little forgetful with all those important formulas! Contains chemistry and maths content, including functional groups, named reactions (including mechanisms) and, of course, loads of equations.

August 2011

Many Eyes

by kathleen_vincent
An experiment brought to you by IBM Research and the IBM Cognos software group

June 2011

May 2011

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