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16 September 2009

15 September 2009

13 September 2009


by ycc2106
Fedtastic is a dynamic portal to government information referenced in the catalog and other sources. the system was designed to allow users to search for specific questions that are actually related to the subjects they might be interested in.

11 September 2009

Suicide Methods file

by ycc2106
This is the semi-famous Methods File. It contains information on many different ways to take your own life. Some of them are serious, some of them are not. Hopefully, you can see which is which by yourself, but I'll try to mark them anyway.

10 September 2009

06 September 2009

02 September 2009

Favicon Support Chart

by ycc2106
list the browsers that currently support Favicons and their level of support

31 August 2009

27 August 2009

26 August 2009

25 August 2009

Text to Binary translator « Geek Notes

by everyueveryme
Type your text in the first field, and you’ll see its binary encoding in the second one. You can also translate from binary to plain text.

24 August 2009

Electricity Around the World

by ycc2106 & 4 others
The table below summarizes information on the electrical systems in use in most countries of the world.

22 August 2009

15 August 2009

07 August 2009

03 August 2009


by JJL (via)
il rassemble tous les ports, disques durs, ram, connecteurs, sockets…etc qu’on peut trouver dans nos ordinateurs… Ainsi vous ne serez plus jamais pris au dépourvu devant un connecteur que vous n’avez jamais vu. A conserver accroché au mur pour tous les fanas de hardware, en guise de memento.

02 August 2009

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