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'Mixing Secrets' multi-track download library

by wabaus
Companion site for the book 'Mixing Secrets for the Small Studio' includes this library of multi-track recordings ready for mix-down.


PC Audio Labs

by wabaus
Custom built PCs for audio recording & mixing.



Pear Note - Note Taking Utility for Mac |

by simon_bricolo & 1 other
Record everything, By integrating traditional text notes with audio, video, and slides.

Grant Robinson : Scribble launcher

by ycc2106
Open canvas to create and share drawings- ability to see how each drawing was made as Scribble redraws the picture stroke by stroke.

Sketchcast - A new way to express yourself -

by ycc2106 & 2 others
communicate something online by recording a sketch, optionally with your voice speaking. Any sketch can then be embedded on your blog/ homepage for people to play-back, and you can also point people to your sketchcast channel here (or let them subscribe to your sketchcast RSS feed). Create a tutorial explaining how boomerangs work (and why they don't always return). Draw a doodle of your ex. Explain a math formula. Create a cartoon (you can use the eraser tool to make place for several panels of the cartoon). Get a partner and explain a concept together... voice recording doesn't have to be used by only one person! Write a love letter with lots of sketching inbetween. Create an online Chinese course and explain Pinyin writing. Create a masterpiece and show others how to draw. Explain baseball to Europeans... or explain soccer to Americans! Create a riddle for kids: draw something and the kid has to guess while you're drawing. Draw a manga action scene. Or many other drawing ideas.

Yodio - Add voice to photos

by ycc2106
add audio to photos and presentations

SWITCHcast |

by simon_bricolo
".. a sophisticated video management system, by means of which lecturers can very simply record their lectures, upload them to a central server, post-process them and make them available to students via the internet"


iRecordMusic |

by simon_bricolo
record audio from web pages and Internet radio streams.

Free Video Chat and Video Conferencing from ooVoo

by springnet & 9 others
ooVoo is the next evolution in online communication — a remarkably easy way to have a face-to-face video chat with friends, family or colleagues, no matter where they are in the world.

Utterz - Get Started

by springnet
With Utterz, you can instantly share your news by creating a multi-media posting in voice, video, picture and text, right from your mobile phone, or online. It's fast and simple, free, and works with every phone, on every carrier.


W.A.M. | Women's Audio Mission

by rike_
Women's Audio Mission is a women-run, non-profit organization dedicated to the advancement of women in the recording arts. In a field where women professionals are historically under-represented, WAM seeks to create an environment that will encourage and enable the aspirations of women in the recording arts, and, in turn expand the vision and voice of media and popular culture. We provide access to audio technology, and training in its use to record sound for music, radio, film, television and the internet for women and girls.


by rike_
Manauton is a program used to digitally record sound. Manauton can operate in a manual or autonomous mode, hence the name Manauton. When in manual mode, recording can be paused and unpaused with a key-press or remote control. This is similar to a tape recorder, but with a difference, there is no latency! As a matter of fact, Manauton works with negative latency. This negative latency cancels out the effect of the human latency associated with hearing a sound interpreting it and reacting to the sound. Negative latency is accomplished by buffering the sound in memory prior to recording to disk.

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