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Аренда офисных, складских и производственных помещений

by spb_user
Аренда помещений: Владимирский пр. 17 Большая Пушкарская улица 20 улица Цветочная 6 Пироговская 5/2 Лиговский пр., 10/118 7-ая Советская 16 Улица Мира 7 Октябрьская набережная, 50 наб. р Екатерингофки 19 ул. Тележная 37 8-я Советская улица 9-13 11-ая линия В.О. 58 пр. Чернышевского 17


Future of Real Estate Marketing

by springnet
Say what you like about their business model, Redfin’s real estate search tools are world class and only keep getting better.It’s why it was the only national real estate broker (I defined “national” as anyone having operations that spanned both c


ActiveRain Real Estate Network

by springnet
free online community for real estate professionals designed to help them promote and grow their business.

For Sale By Owner - Yes or No?

by CountZero
It comes down to the question of what you would most like to save, time or money. If utilizing a realtor you will save time, but not necessarily loads of time. There is a level of involvement that you must maintain in order to pick out the best deal for your specific situation. If selling your home for sale by owner, you will indeed save yourself money because the only thing you are paying for out of pocket is the cost of your advertisement.

For Sale by Owner VS Foreclosure in Florida

by CountZero
The bottom-line of article is there is an abnormally high number of existing homes currently listed for sale in Florida. As supply outpaces demand, property values drop. For Sale by Owner may allow the homeowner to bridge that drop in value and allow them to avoid foreclosure.

Снять квартиру в Петербурге

by spb_user
Аренда квартир в центре Санкт-Петербурга Hamlet Property Management Hamlet Property management, St Petersburg, Russia. Realty

by spb_user Management of quality apartments located in the center of St. Petersburg. St.Petersburg realty. Preparation of the tenancy agreement, independent inventories, quarterly financial reports, cosmetic repair, speed and efficiency in the renting process. Ready to help both landlords and tenants.



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