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Star Rating widget

by damdec
The Star Rating widget is a plugin for the jQuery javascript library that creates a non-obstrusive star rating control based on a set of radio input boxes or select options. It gives you the full access to each instance of "stars" created on the page, with an easy to use syntax provided by the jQuery UI 1.5 core library.

jQuery Star Rating Super Interface!

by damdec & 1 other
Here is my quick and dirty re-creation of a star rating plugin. This is a fully degradable plugin that creates the Star Rating interface based on a simple form structure. I would love to hear your suggestions on how this could be made better. Feel free to contact me wil[dot]stuckey[at]gmail[dot]com, thanks!

Star Rating Plugin | jQuery Plugins

by damdec
Downgrade-able star-rating plugin - turns standard radios buttons into a star rating control, work with multiple controls per page.

Star Rating widget for jQuery UI

by damdec & 1 other
The Star Rating widget is a plugin for the jQuery javascript library that creates a non-obstrusive star rating control based on a set of radio input boxes or select options.


Online Business and the Rising Canadian Dollar

by flakki
To be honest, I never thought I’d see this day. The Canadian dollar not only reaching parity, but rising above it. As a Canadian, I’m pretty proud of this, and what I don’t understand is the negative reaction some Canadians are having to our country’s success.

Michael Tyson: AutoRate

by nhoizey
This application automatically sets the rating for all tracks in your iTunes library according to how often each track is played, and how often each track is skipped

My Orgasm Face

by Manst
A new site, where you can rate and/or upload orgasm faces. Just for fun, no pron.

Cindy S Cut Rate Bail Bonds

by bl100bec
Information on cindy s cut rate bail bonds. Reviews and recent news.

Best Rate Merchant Account

by bl100bec
Reviews and recent news. Information on best rate merchant account.


Rate Your College Dorm! Help Future College Residents.

by jasonmicha
Be a part of an online community where students get to tell the good, the bad, and the ugly about their college dorm. Whether it was too loud, too small, too dirty, or too totally awesome, you are able to hear the truth about thousands of different dorms directly from the students who lived there.

Discount Long Distance

by mdclercq
If you make a lot of long distance calls it is wise to look out for a carrier that offers a calling plan featuring discounts for the type of call you make most frequently... While you are choosing a long distance carrier, always remember your usage of the plan is very important; there are different plans available for frequent and non frequent users. Though just about all telephone companies offer long distance plans, it is beneficial to ask them if the price varies per distance or if it's a fixed rate for all calls. Chances are if you're using one of the big phone companies, there is a better deal on discount long distance calling plans out there with a smaller company. If you need to make long distance phone calls more often than not, remember to shop for discounts.


by 394028 & 1 other
freight, shipping, trucking, freight companies, freightage rates, carriers, direct service, motor shipping companies, trucking industry, transport, truck, ltl shippers, tracking, less than truckload, international volume, rate, quote, export, import

Transportation & Logistics

by aximtech & 1 other is a transportation and logistics directory and marketplace designed to give you all of the reference information about service providers you will ever need, to compare prices with ease and book services online!

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