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Why active record sucks

by mbertier (via)
Active Record may be used to implement ORM, but it should never be used as an ORM.

MySQL Community split officially a failure

by mbertier
MySQL fundamentally misunderstands their community

Exception is an Inheritance Nazi - Stubblog

by mbertier (via)
Whoever made its get*() methods final and the trace property private did not thought any second about how exceptions may be used or that people need to implement their own stack trace handling.

YouTube - Pachelbel Rant

by fastclemmy
A comedian rants about how much it sucks to play Pachelbel's Canon in D on a cello. Recorded live at Penn State, this piece by comedian/musician Rob Paravonian has been a favorite on the Dr. Demento Show.

SXSW: Liveblogging Bruce Sterling's annual rant - Valleywag

by springnet
It's "for the semi-educated, shut-ins...a lower end evil medium that debases even the poverty-stricken people who watch it." Really, Bruce? So, um, I'm not allowed to watch 30 Rock, The Office, or Arrested Development? Everything has to be a supersaturate


She Dreams In Digital

by Sya
A blog about art, science, technology software and more! See the online traditional and digital art galleries of acclaimed artist Stacy Reed.


China Rant

by slacker
A public space for residents and visitors to the Middle Kingdom dedicated to ranting about horrible service, corrupt taxi drivers and bizarre occurrences in China.

(screwed up) Nation by James Howard Kunstler

by multilinko
For the moment, it's back to business-as-usual for Easy-motoring Nation. Yet 73 percent of oil from the Gulf of Mexico remains "shut in" or unavailable because of hurricane damage, and about 63 percent of natural gas production. Prior to the hurricanes, 24 percent of the nation's non-imported supply of crude came from the gulf. There are also eight refineries still shut down representing 2.1 million barrels a day of refined product capacity (900,000 barrels a day of gasoline, 500,000 of diesel and heating fuel, and 200,000 of jet fuel).


by ryanne
[tuesday, 12 april 2005] what's this rage in me all about??? a mixed jar of fear, tear and helplessness? why do i always lose control of circumstances? why do i keep feigning needlessness? why am i constantly tied to the ground? do i talk too much about

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