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How Apple’s iCloud Will Rain On Google’s Parade

by alamat (via)
Apple’s iCloud service, expected to be unveiled next week, completes a perfect storm of features that could accelerate Apple’s growing dominance of computing and seriously undermine Google’s cloud strategy.



Abandon Ship! The City Is Sinking!

by macbros
Holy shit we’re getting a lot of rain here in Fredericton NB, Canada! So much that the police are closing down roads here in the city because of flooding. When I was at work today, I was actually surprised at how high the river was, and that was earlier in the afternoon. It’s still pissing like crazy out there right now and it’s later in the evening. I can expect that a lot of low lying areas will get some pretty bad flooding if this afternoons river height was any indication.


by Jayson0725


Jos Coffee Blog » 88 year old talks about the Austin Big Chill of ‘07

by springnet
This youtube video was spotted on the D&D Austin update blog. From the D&D Blog “Eighty-eight year old Austin resident Gladys Hardy was on the phone with Ellen DeGeneres earlier this week. It was hilarious! Loved her commentary on the winter storm. Gues

Jo’s Coffee Blog » Coffee with rain

by springnet
You’ve had a great coffee drink at Jo’s coffee before. We all have right? But have you ever been there when it was raining outside? I mean when it was actually raining - not just a rainy day. The reason for asking is because of what happens to the

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