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Bakers Square

by starmuscle
Is Bakers Square going out of business. I have seen at least two stores in our area closing down. Their service did stink there. We visited quite a lot. There was always something wrong with our orders. Also, take out was awful.

Hillary Clinton On Saturday Night Live

by starmuscle
Saturday Night Live jumped in the Hillary Clinton beatdown this weekend. Amy Poehler started the show with her spot-on Hillary Clinton impression. “Hillary” said she’s still in the race because she’s a sore loser, her supporters are racist, and if she gets the nomination, she’ll use the sexist and racist cards against John McCain - because she’s just that ruthless. I think was over the line. Yes Hillary is a sore loser but to call her supporters RACIST is just a little too over the top in my opinion. BUT FUNNY!


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