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September 2013


by gregg
The dirty energy industry is dumping unlimited amounts of carbon pollution into our atmosphere, which threatens the things and the people we love. If we’re going to stop them from treating our atmosphere like an open sewer, we need to build a strong grassroots network devoted to fighting back.

June 2013

Kick My Habits. How Much Could You Save? | Leeds Building Society

by Krome & 2 others
WE ARE ALL PRONE TO THE ODD GUILTY PLEASURE IN LIFE.Whether it's the unhealthy cigarettes weighing down your wallet or those troublesome takeaways lending some excess baggage to your debt as well as your gut, find out how much you could save if you kicked your habits. SELECT THROUGH HABITS ON THE RIGHT HAND SIDE OR...GET STARTED

April 2013


by gregg
Public/Private is a game that explores the topic of privacy in our cities by focusing on where we find it. By choosing where and how often you seek privacy in your city, you create a unique visual graph that can be compared with results from others in your city and from cities around the world.

November 2012


by gregg
I rely on the work that you do everyday. To see how the work you do connects you to millions of people, visit

September 2012


by gregg
What’s the favourite sexual position of iPhone users in the North? Do the over 55s prefer to do it in the dark? Take an interactive journey through the sexual experiences of 1000 British individuals and delve into what we get up to between the sheets.

Six Songs of Me

by gregg
From your first song to your funeral song, what music makes you, you? Handpick your tracks and help us uncover the music that matters most

October 2011

July 2011

Survey Shaker : créer des enquetes en ligne

by cyril38130
Survey Shaker, la nouvelle application intuitive et gratuite pour créer et diffuser ses enquêtes en ligne sera bientôt disponible.

May 2011

November 2010

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August 2009

January 2009 à la pointe de la technologie ?

by nhoizey
Vraiment ? Il faudra qu'ils me montrent où. Vous aussi, répondez à ce questionnaire d'(in)satisfaction...

December 2008

November 2008 - Powerful tool for creating web surveys. Online survey software made easy!

by gregg & 3 others
The simple way to create surveys. Intelligent survey software for primates of all species. SurveyMonkey has a single purpose: to enable anyone to create professional online surveys quickly and easily. (utilisé par 37 signals)

May 2008

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