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by gregg
Question2Answer is a free and open source platform for Q&A sites.

OSQA | The Open Source Q&A System

by gregg & 3 others
Open Source Q&A! OSQA is a free, entry-level Q&A system from the makers of AnswerHub, the market-leading professional Q&A platform. OSQA is a great solution for smaller sites with limited needs. Professional users who want custom theming, advanced security, SSO integration or plugin support should look at AnswerHub instead. Take a look...


Q&A |

by oseres
Ask questions. Instantly engage with the Focus Expert Network and your peers. Discover actionable answers.



Fluther: Tap the Collective

by kathleen_vincent
You ask a question. We get it to the right people. Everyone discusses the answer.

5min - Life Videopedia

by cyberien
5min is a place to find short video solutions for any practical question and a forum for people wanting to share their knowledge. The vision behind 5min is a very simple one: any solution can be visually explained in no more than 5 minutes. Our aim is to create the first communal Life Videopedia allowing users from all over the globe to contribute their knowledge by sharing visual guides covering arts, business, fashion, sports, health, tech, food, and much more. 5min's basic philosophy is that everybody is an expert in something. The video era gives us the technological opportunity to share our collective knowledge and gather it onto one platform. This is what 5min aims to be – a platform for users, a platform for creators, a platform for talent and anyone that has something to teach. In order to bring to life our vision of creating a comprehensive Life Videopedia, 5min gives each creator a private promotional Studio – a space to show his/her skills, and share his/her secrets. Users of 5min also benefit from a visual illustration of any solution through a Smart Player. Unlike other video sites on the internet, 5min has created a video player adjusted specifically for the Videopedia vision. While uploading a movie, the creator can enhance it by adding a textual storyboard to the video – helping all of us understand his demonstration. The 5min project needs your knowledge! We encourage you to take a camera and be part of our community. If you know other talented people, invite them to contribute as well. After all, we all have something to learn from each other. This is the place to start

Expert Village: Free video clips, how to videos, and video instruction

by cyberien & 1 other
We are always looking for new, qualified experts to star in our how-to video guides. If you would like to register as an expert in our system, please complete the form below. Once you are registered, a filmmaker may contact you about producing a how-to series, if one is in your area and interested in the subject.

VideoJug - Life Explained. On Film.

by cyberien & 23 others
VideoJug is every aspect of life explained and illustrated through an ever-growing number of common sense, informative, helpful and entertaining videos. It’s like having an army of top-class experts at your fingertips 24/7 to “show you how” and to help you out. And you can contribute your own knowledge, experience, wisdom and tips too, as we’re aiming to create a place that people come to share — as well as find — knowledge. Covering relationships, health, lifestyle, work, finance, fun and much more, VideoJug is the complete visual guide to all human life. Whatever you want to know, VideoJug will have the answer. Initially, we’re offering thousands of ‘How to’ videos, but we’re also developing guides offering deeper insights into more detailed subjects such as planning a wedding or learning a new business skill. And we want your wisdom — after all, everyone has at least one subject that they really understand. Don't keep it to yourself. If you or anyone you know has a world-class skill, whether it's juggling, cooking fantastic soup or getting a crying baby to sleep — tell us about it now! Interactivity at your fingertips VideoJug is currently accessed online and you can download our videos to your iPod or mobile phone too. We're also looking at ways to make our videos available through the TV, but it's early days. The point is, we're aiming to make VideoJug completely interactive, allowing people like you to enhance VideoJug by adding your own wisdom, experience and tips to the constantly expanding range of films, from any device, anywhere. That includes different languages too — it's our aim to make this a globally accessible party - you can join in and contribute whatever your language, colour or creed. At VideoJug we believe that our content should remain a free resource to encourage users to share what they know with other users. VideoJug relies on advertising and sponsorship to maintain this free service. To ensure a comfortable browsing experience VideoJug does not use pop-up ads, unsolicited email or other inherently intrusive advertising. As indicated in our privacy policy, VideoJug will never sell your information to third parties.



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