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Eyes Maze

by bamthomas & 12 others
site de jeux flash de puzzle


iOS Apps: Puzzle Agent

by alamat (via)
When White House inquiries to the Scoggins Eraser Co. are answered only with curious puzzles, Nelson Tethers from the U.S. Department of Puzzle Research is sent on the case :: View topic - Really Bad Eggs 20110706 (Super Foul Egg/Puyo Puyo)

by sylvainulg
a neat clone, but more than 2 ball per drop would make it more interesting.



Jeux PC - Objets cachés - Hidden objects - télécharger

by ad34
Télécharger jeux d objets cachés sur Les jeux d'objets cachés sont un genre de jeu vidéo de réflexion dans lequel le joueur doit retrouver les objets d'une liste, cachés dans une scène. Ces jeux facile à prendre en main sont qualifiés de Casual game, d'une durée de vie assez courte, ils sont principalement disponible par téléchargement internet. De plus, de nombreuses versions d'essai en temps limités permettent de tester les jeux avant l'achat.

MacHeist » Welcome

by ycc2106 & 1 other
The MacHeist bundle was introduced in December 2006 to huge success within the Macintosh community. The software bundle offered 10 of the Mac indie development community's best offerings, and was available at the end of the MacHeist promotion for one week.


2D Boy: Games

by sylvainulg & 1 other (via)
a nice puzzle. demo for linux is coming ...

r a t l o o p - Mightier

by ycc2106
How To Play Don't be stuck staring at the screen! Mightier's unique puzzles are designed to be solved by hand with pencil and paper. requires Windows XP or better and a modern DirectX 9 video card with at least 128MB of video ram. A black & white or color printer is required for the final level. There is an optional interface mode that requires an autofocus webcamera supporting 640x480 resolution and a color printer.

Domino Knight

by microgod
The ultimate domino game: Domino Knight. This game is for kids and adults.

KUMOON Homepage

by nhoizey
Kumoon is a hybrid of a third person shooter and a puzzle game. Player controls a chick that tries to knock down boxes in various rooms by shooting them with a revolver, shotgun or a bazooka

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