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July 2008

Diffusion Phonographique Populaire : Ze Label Libre

by rike_
L’idée c’est de se passer des circuits habituels, de réduire les coûts, de proposer le plus largement possible des productions de groupes indépendants, créatifs, engagés. Issue des principes DIY punks, l’initiative est ouverte aux artistes de tous les styles, sans censure. Notre but est d'aider si possible les groupes à produire des enregistrements de bonne qualité, et surtout de diffuser ceux-ci. Pour ça, les masters complets sont mis à disposition sur Internet au format ogg vorbis en haute qualité et distribués dans le monde réel sous forme de CD-R via un réseau de participants sans direction centralisée.

April 2007

Fuzz :: Maureen

by dustface
I used to be in a band called Babes in Toyland--almost exactly ten years after I left the band I started working for Fuzz. I was introduced to one of the founders through my brother who worked with him at Google. I have been doing a lot of thinking about what artists need--I always have, and now it's part of my job. I think that artists need to make a living doing what they love—not sacrifice so severely to be able to create—and in some cases stall their ability to be prolific. Artists live in possibility, but they can not live on it.

September 2006

Junk Rock

by glamazon
A place for music junkies with excellent taste in music! You know who you are, you listen to Backyard Babies, Ginger, The Wildhearts, The Black Halos, The Chelsea Smiles, Sex Slaves and American Heartbreak. You also listen to the best Podcast on the planet, The Rock and Roll Geek Show. What!? Never heard of any of these bands? Never listened to the Rock and Roll Geek Show? Well you should remedy that and take a listen ASAP! You can thank me later!

August 2006

"Modern Products"

by dfracheb
punk rock and postpunk from the 1970s and 1980s, new wave, indie rock, death rock, goth, synthesizers galore, futurist pop, garage punk, soundtracks, tv themes, novelty records, thrift store finds, oddities, rarities, the forgotten and the forboden.

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