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Random Number Generation

by acarranca & 1 other
Have you ever used rand() or Math.Random() or System.Random or java.util.Random? You could do a lot better. Did you know that these use one of the slowest and least random algorithms available? In this article, I provide C/C++, Java, and C# implementations of two fast, high-quality random number generators, the Mersenne Twister and R250/521

Free Programming Resources -

by acarranca & 6 others
Free Programming Resources is a directory of links to free programmer resources including free programming tutorials, free online programming books, free compilers, free programming tools, free source code, programming libraries, game programming resources, graphics resources and security tools.

How to Design Programs

by acarranca & 4 others
Livro online completo, exercícios, exemplos etc.

Dictionary of Programming Languages

by acarranca & 1 other
Welcome to the Dictionary of Programming Languages, a compendium of computer coding methods assembled to provide information and aid your appreciation for computer science history.

Koders - Source Code Search Engine

by acarranca & 64 others
Searching 225,816,744 lines of code.

Dive Into Python

by acarranca & 2 others
Python from novice to pro

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