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Preview Local Projects with Cloudflare Tunnel · Cloudflare Pages docs

by srcmax
It is an alternative to popular tools like Ngrok , and provides free, long-running tunnels via the TryCloudflare service.


Email Testing and Email Marketing Analytics - Litmus

by innipukinn & 1 other
Email previews, analytics and spam filter testing.


Add a Google Books Preview to your Site

by prac53
Using a Google Gadget, we can add a preview from Google Books. We cannot use the Preview Wizard, but we can encapsulate the API call within the gadget. Depending on the book, we can display the full text, a summary or the first pages. The preview allow us to use a search engine.



Panic Blog » ShrinkIt 1.1

by Xavier Lacot
A nice tool for saving bytes when creating PDF files with Illustrator. Batch reduces the files size.


Adobe® BrowserLab

by ycc2106 & 1 other
Adobe BrowerLab gives you the ability to preview and test your websites in multiple browsers and operating systems. Since building a website to be cross-browser compatible is one of the more annoying aspects of web design, this should be a valuable web app to all of us.

CSS Type Set

by ycc2106 & 2 others
CSS Type Set allows you to visually and interactively style text and it generates the CSS.

Linear Gradients

by ycc2106
Some playground/sandboxes for CSS CSS3 * Linear Gradients * Radial Gradients * Text Shadow * Box Shadow * Text Stroke

Branded URL Shortener |

by ycc2106
lets you choose your own custom domain name, invite others to use the service, and provides real-time statistics on every click! Our Two-Minute Tour below will show you how quickly you can be online and tracking links on your own domain.

Modalpreview | DevKick

by eledo34
previsauliser un formulaire avant son envoi

Les vampires de l'été |

by FilmsVampires
Récapitulatif des actualités vampire de l'été 2009 : les films, les séries, les infos insolites, les objets à ne pas rater...

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