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by CharlesNepote
"Publishes information on Prosper and other P2P lending services."

Lending Club

by CharlesNepote
Better Rates. Together. Lending Club opened on May 24th to Facebook users.


by CharlesNepote
" CommunityLend is exactly what it sounds like. It's an online community where people lend money directly to other people. It is an exciting and unique lending exchange for Canadians that will revolutionize the way lending works in Canada. We are not a bank, in fact, we're better. We are a lending community made up of your community. You can set your own rates, payback periods and meet some cool people along the way, all without paying irritating banking or investing service fees. "


Cyberpret, votre courtier de pret immobilier

by Amiel
Services gratuits vous permettant de trouver pour vos crédits le meilleur taux. Conseils pour vos projets de prêts immobiliers. vous aide à trouver le financement le plus adapté à votre budget.

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