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Installer PostgreSQL 9.5 sur Fedora

by dszalkowski
L'installation de la dernière version de PostgreSQL sur Linux Fedora peut se faire par les dépôts officiels ou bien par ceux de l'éditeur.


Nordeus Blog - Dev & Ops - PostgreSQL Locking Revealed

by Spone (via)
Locking is a very important part of PostgreSQL (as well as most of other modern RDBMS). It should be familiar to every developer of DB applications (especially to those who are working on highly concurrent code). Locking is mostly addressed and researched when some problem arises. In most cases, these problems relate to deadlock or data inconsistency due to misunderstanding how locking works in Postgres. Despite its importance, locking mechanism in Postgres is poorly documented and doesn't even work as expected in some cases (as documentation suggests). I will hereby try to present everything we should know in order to work with Postgres, having in mind locking mechanisms as well as faster resolution of locking issues.




PostgreSQL when it is not your job

by greut

Just open a postgresql configuration file. Your first impression will be “this looks like the dashboard of an ancient boeing 747” and “we’re all going to die”. 500 options and knobs you can twist.

Qualité logicielle : PHP et PostgreSQL plus propres que Linux

by astrochoupe
Le spécialiste américain du test logiciel Coverity a publié l'édition 2011 de son indice sur la qualité des codes Open Source. Le palmarès révèle d'importantes disparités.


Smarter web hosting - WebFaction

by Spone & 6 others
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