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by blackgoldfish
1. 浸軟1整粒瑤柱 (或3-4小粒) - 用熱水浸大概1-2小時 2. 炒香絞肉 (約240G) 3. 洗米,加一匙油和一匙鹽,攪拌均勻 4. 煮粥模式 - 大概90分鐘



Pork Spare Ribs

by yich
The 2 additional steps you MUST know!

Arista alla fiorentina, pork roast with herbs

by mestolando
This recipe is a simple way to get a lot of flavor into a piece of pork. Two holes are made into the pork before cooking and a mix of chopped garlic, rosemary, salt and pepper are stuffed inside.

For the Common Good - Making the Future SAFE for Posterity

by jasontromm
Recently, the White House announced that this year’s federal budget deficit would be $296 billion. Believe it or not, that was taken as good news: Earlier projections had pegged the deficit as high as $425 billion. Next year, the deficit is predicted to rise to $339 billion. If we continue this way, we will be guilty of, in George Washington’s words, “ungenerously throwing upon posterity the burden of which we ourselves ought to bear.”

Gov. Romney Shuts Down Big Dig Tunnel

by jasontromm
Gov. Mitt Romney ordered an immediate shutdown of the Ted Williams Tunnel's eastbound lanes Thursday as the investigation continued into a deadly collapse of ceiling panels in a connecting tunnel. No reasons for the closure were immediately released. The governor has been overseeing the inspections of the Big Dig tunnels since shortly after the fatal accident July 10 that killed Milena Del Valle, 38, as she and her husband drove to the airport.


'Historic Toilet' to Cost $24,000

by jasontromm
A multi-million dollar restoration project will expend $24,000 to reconstruct a "historic toilet" on the first floor of a 1912 courthouse, authorities said.


A taste for pork

by jasontromm
McCain has become every Democrat's favorite Republican, and Stabenow did not enjoy colliding with him.

CAGW's 2004 Taxpayer Survey

by jasontromm
Tell the Republicrats they're wasting your money!

The real issue on tax cuts

by jasontromm
How much of a dollar does the average Amercian deserve to keep?

Waste Blog

by jasontromm
from Citizens Against Government Waste

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