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Piscine hors sol

by Le Bon Plan ! (via)
Portail consacré aux piscines hors sol. Le spécialiste de la piscine.


Attraktive Ferienhausangebote in Dalmatien und der Provence

by Hasengruber
Zur Saison 2010 eröffnet die Ferienanlage Les Demeures Du Ventoux mit insgesamt 235 Reihenhäusern. In der Ferienanlage befindet sich eine Wasserlandschaft mit integriertem Sprudelbecken und Wasserdüsen, einem beheizter Pool, einem Kinderbecken und Terrassen mit Liegen.



Etude sur le bio

by prac53
Notre étude quali – quanti sur le Bio, est dans sa phase quantitative sur le net jusqu’à la fin du mois d’octobre. Ses résultats quali – quanti seront présentés au SEMO 09.


World’s Largest Swimming Pool cost nearly Two Billion Dollars to Build - SlashGear

by springnet
Seriously, take a long and deep breath if you’re thinking of making a lap in the swimming pool at the San Alfonso del Mar resort in Algarrobo city, Chile. The 20 acres man-made saltwater lagoon measures more than one thousand yards in length, 115 feet d


Go bonkers with free games

by adfunk
Looking for free online games? Tired of sites that offer only partial access to action games? Seeking for a wider variety of sports games? Good news to all you game seekers! Here’s your one stop online gaming site that offers free online games. Now you can play free online games virtually anywhere as long as you have internet connection. offers a wide variety of arcade games, from the old school Super Mario Brothers, to the latest popular Paths or Pacman, just to name a few. Not only that, if you love shooting games like 13 Days in Hell or Gun Knight, is the site for you! This site offers games that satisfies virtual sports lovers: football games, table hockey, golf, basketball..even skiing. Whatever you are looking for, chances are, you’ll find it here.

Villa With Pool in Lagos

by bl5189e0
Information about Villa With Pool in Lagos. Pictures and details of the Lagos villa with pool and recent news.

The globak Oscar Pool! Get in and guess the winners now

by cinemascope (via)
Israeli movie blog Cinemascope has launched it's own international version to the Oscar's Pool, with categories in both English and Hebrew. Entry is open to everyone across the globe (including residents of Florida). Can you out-guess film critic Yair Raveh's Oscar forecast in 20 of the 24 categories?


Cue Shark Weekly: A Proper Pool Shooting Stance

by acquiringthetaste (via)
As with any physical sport, a good stance and an acute understanding of proper body posture for the game are the bases for any would-be successful billiards competitor.

Swimming pool filters

by asta9655
Be ready for the summer with a new swimming pool filter

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