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January 2008, the Web 2.0 search engine!

by blogdimension is an alternative Search Engine specialized in the retrieval of exclusively Web 2.0 & blog content. One can search for content by blog search, microblog search, information search, image search, podcast & audio search, video search, people search and shopping 2.0 search... is available in English, French, Spanish, Chinese, Japanese, Portuguese, Arabic and soon Russian. Stay tuned!

August 2007

July 2007

Our Media: Open Media Directory | A free resource for finding legal, podsafe music and video

by garret
1. Archives and Repositories 2. BitTorrent and P2P File Sharing 3. Catalogs and Collections 4. Collaborating, Remixing, Sampling 5. Communities 6. Distribution Platforms and Licensed Content 7. Documentaries, Movies, Video Clips 8. Educational 9. Live Music 10. Netlabels 11. Podcasts and Feeds 12. Radio

Pluggd - Discover, Listen to, and Share Podcasts

by garret & 4 others
"Discover podcasts based on your interests and the interests of others. Experience and listen to them online, or download to your PC or mobile device. Share your opinions, thoughts, and insights on podcasts by rating them and passing them on to friends, family, and colleagues."

August 2006

Podbop | Podcast of Bands Coming To Your Town

by garret & 12 others
Listen to bands with upcoming shows in your city.

Podscope | Podcast Search Engine

by garret & 6 others
Podscope is a search engine that can find podcasts according to the words spoken during them.

June 2006

Podzinger | Podcast Search Engine

by garret & 32 others
PodZinger uses speech-to-text technology to create a text index of the audio, which enables users to find content within podcasts and jump directly to the point where their keyword is spoken. From the PodZinger site, users can subscribe to podcasts, download or listen to them, and have PodZinger automatically deliver new podcasts on their topics of interest using RSS feeds. Find podcasts by searching for music artists, radio stations, or music genres.

May 2006

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