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Pligg 9.9, Tausendreporter und Adaxas News

by helmeloh
Pligg 9.9, Tausendreporter und Adaxas News

Le Blog Kinoa » UGI : User Generated Ideas

by srcmax

L’application “Pligg” permet ainsi de déployer rapidement un site d’actualités communautaires avec une simple architecture MySQL / PHP. Moyennant quelques développements, il est assez facile de transformer cette plate-forme en une solution de feedback participatifs. C’est ce qu’a fait le RATP pour son site “”.


Security Vulnerability Part 2 - Pligg Forum

by srcmax
I'm very sorry to inform you that the patch I posted the other day created another very serious problem. We have a patch available here and advise you to apply this immediately. If you have not installed the first patch, you don't need to, just install this one. If you did install the first patch, then just replace the login file.

Serious Vulnerabilty Found in Pligg; Fix Available

by srcmax
A very serious security vulnerability has just been found in all versions of Pligg, the most popular way to “build your own Digg”. The vulnerability allows a complete site takeover by a malicious hacker - if you are using Pligg, it’s critical that you make use of the fix immediately.


by srcmax
To reinitialize a forgotten password, Pligg follows a classical process. A confirmation code is generated and sent by email to the concerned user mail box. The user has to follow the link containing the confirmation code and if the confirmation code is checked successfully, the password is reinitialized to a pre-defined value.

Hacking Pligg 9.5 beta - Exploit - Life, Hacks, and Internet

by srcmax
Pligg Forum members have been notified about it via e-mail this morning. Most Pligg webmasters have’t signed up for the forum :(. All Pligg websites I tried were vulnerable to this exploit. There is no commercial value for me, so don’t worry, administrators have been notified that it’s time to patch.

Security Vulnerability - Pligg Forum

by srcmax, 1 comment
A very serious bug has been found in _all_ versions of Pligg. We have a patch available here. We advise you to apply this immediately.

Pligg in French - Page 9 - Pligg Forum

by srcmax
Here's the first release of the lang.conf (and options.php) in french.



by jpaime
programmation web 2.0 digglike

PlugIM - Your Internet Marketing Community (Beta)

by Dravis
A user driven internet marketing community where members can submit content, share articles, comment on projects and promote their favorites to the front page.

mp3-o-rama / queued news

by ycc2106 is a plece where you can post and comment any news and resources related to mp3.

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