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Rabbit Vibrators

by lovejoy
Rabbit vibrator or Jack Rabbit vibrator is a vibrating and twirling sex toy made in the shape of a phallus with a clitoris stimulator fastened on the shaft. This is the best little invention for appealing two critically important spots at once.

Sex Toys for Women

by lovejoy
This is the sex toy shop for women. If ever there were a larger selection of adult toys for women, I have seen it.

Vibrators & Dildos

by lovejoy
A huge selection of Vibrators & Dildos with almost every imaginable sex toy available on the adult toy market.


GreatPleasures - High Quality Adult Toys at the Guaranteed Lowest Prices

by Matdredalia (via)
Wonderful selection of adult sex toys in a very nice, relaxing atmosphere. Not raunchy but still very sexy.


a productive day

by ryanne
[tuesday, 07 june 2005] an extremely productive day!!! completed ALL THREE tasks due today and tmr...this includes researching on whether HK courts are bound by decisions made by japanese appellate courts and whether an action on 'money had and received'

pain and pleasure

by ryanne
[tuesday, 23 august 2005] "but beauty has to undergo some limited torture". how true! and it applies not only to ear piercing =) thanks, nat....

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