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Tripbase |

by simon_bricolo
travel website that suggests vacations ideas based on user-specified criteria through an auto updating web 2.0 interface



by nachilau
Online room planned and space planner


Virtual Planner - Trac

by camel & 4 others (via)
The Virtual planning board is a web application that allows you to tie in visual project planning with your existing Trac tickets - across a range of projects (where each project has a seperate svn repository and associated trac instance). It allows you to assign tickets to a particular week and therefore plan your workflow for a given period. Soon you'll be able to do simple project estimation with a 'developer hours' feature that compares available hours to the estimated times on the tickets

re:PocketMod - reinventing paper organizer

by jdrsantos
PocketMod is a simple paper organizer - little booklet you may use anywhere, anyway. You may choose different templates (lists, notes, calendars, games etc) for each page, print all of them and fold it to a small 8-page booklet. Now you have your ultimate

Kango Travel

by hot_chicka_1988
Up coming family travel and trip planning service.

Download APP for Windows & Linux on

by didi
APP automatically calculates a time plan / project plan based on effort estimations and expected end dates. Tasks (+ a max. perc.-rate) can be assigned to one or more resources. Vacations, predecessors, weekly work hours,.. are considered in calculation

Auto Project Planner - Homepage

by didi & 1 other
Auto Project Planner is an Open Source project management application for Windows, Linux and Mac operating systems. The software automatically calculates a proper project plan based on your effort estimations and the due dates you have in mind. A list of tasks and a list of employees can be defined. Tasks can be assigned to one or more employees. It is also possible to define a maximum percentage value an employee can/should work on a task. Public holidays, leaves, weekly working hours and some more parameters can be specified and are considered in the calculation. According to this input the software compute time plans by minimizing the MSE (mean squared error) between expected and computed end dates.



by Paper
itinerary reference for hokkaido in autumn

Getting to Done: The Ultimate Home Office - Lifehacker

by ruadrift
Getting to Done: The Ultimate Home Office

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