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Gnu Privacy Guard tutorial, part 1 ||

by mbertier
This article will be a tutorial overview of using Gnu Privacy Guard to generate your own public keys. It will also discuss some of the principles of public key systems.



XML Security Learning Guide

by nhoizey
Securing XML is an essential element in keeping Web services secure. Created in partnership with our sister site,, this Learning Guide is a compilation of resources that review different types of XML security standards and approaches for keeping your XML Web services secure.

Ten Risks of PKI

by micah
Public-key infrastructure has been oversold as the answer to many network security problems. We discuss the problems that PKI doesn't solve, and that PKI vendors don't like to mention.


About NewPKI :: NewPKI :: Where Open Source PKI Stands

by sledge
NewPKI is a PKI based on the OpenSSL low-level API, all the datas are handled through a database, which provides a much more flexible PKI than with OpenSSL, such as seeking a certificate with a search engine. There is an SQL abstraction layer, the one provided is for a MySQL database. NewPKI is developed in c++, there are only a few public classes, which allows to handle any kind of application, a standalone, a PHP module, or to easily integrate NewPKI in an existing project. Here are the key features of the actual version of NewPKI: - Handling of multiple CAs in one server. - Publish a certificate request from CSR. - Publish a certificate request, by specifying the DN fields. - Certify a request, specifying the DN Policy and the certificate extension. - Revoke a certificate. - Generate the CRL. - Search for the waiting requests, or the certificates. - OCSP responder. - LDAP seek and publication.

Local Trust PKI

by camel
Local Trust PKI est une solution PHP/MySQL d'Infrastructure à Gestion de Clés développée par la société ATEXO


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