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24 June 2006 02:45

alanis morissette

by jaap (via)
Alanis Morissette was born June 1st 1974 in Ottawa, Ontario Canada. With the money she earned while doing "You Can't Do That On Television", Alanis wrote her first song (at 9 years old) and put out a self-made record, "Fate Stay with Me". When Alanis was a teenager, she made two pop records in Canada - "Alanis" and "Now Is The Time". "Alanis" went platinum in Canada and also won a Juno for Best New Female Artist of the year, which is amazing for a 16 year-old. She moved to Los Angeles from Toronto when she was 20 years old. She met up and connected with producer Glen Ballard. After Guy Osery heard the song "Perfect" on the Demo tape, he knew he had to work with her; therefore, Alanis was signed to Maverick Records. Alanis' first album with Maverick records - "Jagged Little Pill" came out on June 13th, 1995, and debuts at ..118. Maverick thought it would sell about 100,000 copies. Well, the album bypassed that numbe

alev lenz

by jaap
lev Lenz is a singer, composer, writer and piano player. Alev was born on january the 17th 1982 in Munich. Her mother is turkish, her father german. Alev speaks german, english, turkish and french. - First music lessons at the age of 4 - Piano lessons since 1989 - First english lyrics at the age of 8 - Classical singing education since 1998 - 2001 graduation (A-average) - 2002 starting of the band "Alev", more than 150 gigs since - 2002 BMG Publishing deal - 2004 record deal with S.A.D. Music (Germany), december 6th 2004 release of debut album of the band "Alev": "We live in paradise" - 2005 record deal with Eclipse Records (USA), release: august 2005 - Student of distance learning for politics since 2005 (University of Hagen, Germany) - October 2005 separation from the band "Alev" - Since 2004 work on her solo project - Album "Basics Baby, Basics!" with 13 Tracks complete

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