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April 2017 - PHP Package Repository

by dzc
Packagist is the main Composer repository. It aggregates public PHP packages installable with Composer.

VersionEye - Notification System for Software Packages

by dzc
notifies you about security vulnerabilities, license violations and out-dated dependencies in your Git repositories. Free : 1 private and 4 Open Source Projects

January 2017

Class derived from PHP SoapClient to add support for timeouts

by dzc
Class derived from PHP SoapClient to add support for connection and read timeouts. Requires PHP 5+ with SoapClient and cUrl.

December 2016

Testing PHP Code with Atoum - an Alternative to PHPUnit

by srcmax
If you’ve been around PHP for more than a little while, you’ve no doubt started to test your code. And if you ask anyone in the PHP space what to use for writing unit tests, likely the first answer that they’ll give you is PHPUnit. It’s the de facto standard in the PHP community, and with good reason. But it’s not the only choice. Whilst it does command the lion’s share, other choices abound, one of which I’m going to take you through in this tutorial; it’s called atoum.

November 2016

The WordPress megahack that wasn’t

by alamat & 1 other (via)
Since 2013, WordPress has been updating itself, which is a good thing.

October 2016

Atomic Docs

by srcmax & 1 other
A style guide generator and component manager.

Atomic Docs

by Spone & 1 other (via)
A style guide generator and component manager.

PHP 7 deployment at Dailymotion

by François Hodierne
TL;DR PHP7 is great, no need for HHVM.

September 2016

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April 2016

Lumen - PHP Micro-Framework By Laravel

by srcmax
Lightning fast micro-services and APIs delivered with the elegance you expect.

March 2016

WordPress and Laravel - Laravel News

by Spone
WordPress is one of the most popular open source applications and that means many people are comfortable using its admin to manage their site. There are times when building out a site this is advantageous as it prevents you from having to retrain the user on how to manage content, menus, photos, and more. A popular way of setting up a site like this is to use WordPress as the admin and then build out the frontend in a framework such as Laravel. Continuous PHP Performance Testing

by srcmax
Blackfire empowers all developers and IT/Ops to continuously verify and improve their app’s performance, throughout its lifecycle, by getting the right information at the right moment.

February 2016

Formations Systèmes et Réseau

by dszalkowski
Tout un ensemble de formations sur l'administration Réseau et Système ! Sécurité informatique, Chiffrement, PGP / GPG, Symantec Desktop Encryption. Le Scripting avec le Bash, Perl, PHP et PowerShell. Les solutions d'inventaire, de ticketing et de helpdesk avec OCS NG Inventory, GLPI, FusionInventory.

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