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29 September 2007

HelioVolt - Solar Power. From the Ground Up - FAQs

by springnet
Since CIGS requires a layer 100 times thinner than conventional silicon solar systems, a few dollars’ worth of CIGS raw ingredients can deliver the same power as a hundred dollars’ worth of silicon wafers.

HelioVolt - Solar Power. From the Ground Up - Power Buildings

by springnet
Industry analysts project that building-integrated photovoltaic (BIPV) systems will represent the fastest-growing segment of the photovoltaic market over the next decade.

14 September 2007

HelioVolt - Solar Power. From the Ground Up - Home

by springnet
HelioVolt’s FASST™ technology produces high-performance solar thin-film with pioneering time and materials efficiencies. 10 to 100 times faster than current processes. 100 times thinner than traditional silicon.

Technology Review: Making Cheaper Solar Cells

by springnet
Powered by $77 million in new investment, startup Heliovolt, based in Austin, TX, will build a factory next year for mass-producing a new type of solar cell that could, in much of the United States, make solar electricity as cheap as electricity from the

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