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Burtynsky: Oil

by sbrothier (via)
"Shocking with beauty" - The washington Post "The definitive photographic documentation of this hotly debated subject" - Paul Roth

Reuters - The Wider Image

by sbrothier & 1 other (via)
The Wider Image is an entirely new interactive experience from Reuters, the world's largest news agency. Get the wider story. Transform the way you see. This immersive app, created exclusively for the iPad, reimagines news photography and brings images and information to life.

Life and death in Aleppo (PHOTOS) | GlobalPost

by sbrothier
Earlier this week, I was filming a feature on life on the frontlines of Aleppo, Syria. I was camping out with the men of Noor Den al-Zenke batallion, who man a two-block stretch of back streets that now forms the final line between government troops and opposition forces.

World Press Photo

by sbrothier & 2 others
World Press Photo is committed to supporting and advancing high standards in photojournalism and documentary photography worldwide. We strive to generate wide public interest in and appreciation for the work of photographers and for the free exchange of information.

The Pulitzer Prizes | Craig F. Walker The story of Scott Ostrom

by sbrothier
In today's community of Iraq and Afghanistan war veterans, one in five suffer from post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) or major depression. Brian Scott Ostrom is one of them. After serving four years as a reconnaissance marine and deploying twice to Iraq, Scott, now 27, returned home to the U.S. with a severe case of PTSD. "The most important part of my life already happened. The most devastating. The chance to come home in a box. Nothing is ever going to compare to what I've done, so I'm struggling to be at peace with that," Scott said. He attributes his PTSD to his second deployment to Iraq, where he served seven months in Fallujah with the 2nd Reconnaissance Battalion. "It was the most brutal time of my life," he said. "I didn't realize it because I was living it. It was a part of me." Since his discharge, Scott has struggled with daily life, from finding and keeping employment to maintaining healthy relationships. But most of all, he's struggled to overcome his brutal and haunting memories of Iraq. Nearly five years later, Scott remains conflicted by the war. Though he is proud of his service and cares greatly for his fellow Marines, he still carries guilt for things he did and didn't do fighting a war he no longer believes in.


RØDE Microphones - VideoMic Pro

by sbrothier
The RØDE VideoMic Pro raises the bar set by the original RØDE VideoMic, by combining broadcast quality audio with an ultra compact and lightweight ergonomic design. Incorporating new features specific to high end video, the VMP also evolves many of the features that have made the VideoMic so successful. Noise transference has been significantly reduced using both a revised, more elegant shock mounting system and a lightweight premium cable. Broadcast recording quality condenser microphone Compact design (only 150mm/6" length) Ultra lightweight (only 85g/3oz) 9V battery powered, with up to 70 hours battery life (alkaline) Integrated shock mounting Integrated foam windshield 3.5mm stereo mini-jack output (dual mono) Two step High Pass Filter (flat, 80Hz) Three position level control (-10dB, 0, +20dB) Camera shoe mount with 3/8" thread for easy boompole mounting Ten year warranty*


MSF Photo Blog

by sbrothier & 1 other
Médecins Sans Frontières photo blog

North Korea parade marks 65 years of reclusive state's rule | World news |

by sbrothier
North Korea parade marks 65 years of reclusive state's rule / 10 October 2010: The Guardian's Dan Chung covers North Korea's lavish military parade

Lens Blog -

by olga_stringraphy & 1 other
Photojournalism - Photography, Video and Visual Journalism Archives

Spill The Beans! › Über uns

by HK
Spill The Beans! – im Englischen salopp für: „Nun erzähl schon!“ – ist eine autorengeführte Internetplattform für die Präsentation multimedialer und interaktiver Reportagen. Spill The Beans! steht für engagierten Journalismus präsentiert durch neue multimediale Erzählformen. Fotografie, Film, Grafik und Ton werden miteinander verbunden und dadurch atmosphärisch und inhaltlich dichter. „Interactive Storytelling“, wie diese Erzählform auch genannt wird, öffnet Menschen, die sich abseits der abgetretenen journalistischen Pfade informieren wollen, einen neuen medialen Zugang.

Originals — BagNews

by sbrothier
progressive site dedicated to visual politics and the analysis of news images

Canon Professional Network - The state of web documentaries

by HK
Press is dead. Photojournalism is dying. TV is boring. No future? Well, not yet, maybe… Let’s think again and try a few solutions to improve our ways to inform people and communicate...

Reportage by Gettyimages - features

by HK
Peu de multimédia ici au sens propre, mais une collection éblouissante de reportages qui titilleras les amateurs de la belle photo. La navigation n’est pas évidente : il faut attendre que les photos soient chargés avant que le système de glissière fonctionne, mais cela n’est pas le principal. Un blog complète ce panorama mis à jour régulièrement.

PIB || Un nouveau récit par jour - Les Canadiens face à la crise

by HK & 1 other
Un nouveau récit par jour - Les Canadiens face à la crise (partenariat onf)

One in 8 Million - New York Characters in Sound and Images - The New York Times

by HK
Nous vous parlions il y a deux semaines de l’initiatives de deux jeunes journalistes qui réalisent un webdocumentaire sur les “monsieur tout le monde parisiens” (interview à venir bientôt sur le site). C’est au tour du New-York Times de publier un joli webdocumentaire (commencée il y a tout de même deux ans) décrivant les “gens ordinaires qui racontent des histoires extraordinaires” : la mère adolescente, la paparazzi, le vétéran d’Irak, le juré qui dit 200 fois par jour “bonjour”… Le tout est composé de 54 petits diaporamas sonores en noir et blanc, très bien travaillés que vous pouvez regarder dans l’ordre que vous voulez (interactivité oblige…).

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