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National Flags Made From Each Country's Traditional Foods | Marvelous

by anbll
National Flags Made From Each Country's Traditional Foods

Des photos touchantes d'animaux âgés

by anbll
animals at the end of their lives... given a chance to grow old.


by anbll
pictures of two members of a family assembled, so that the similarities jump out of them. Ulric Collette


Il photographie ses cauchemars d’enfance | golem13 |

by anbll
Le photographe Marcel Meyer illustre ses cauchemars d’enfance avec cette série de clichés « My favourite childhood nightmares ». Des photos retravaillées en gif animés où seul un élément isolé bouge. Une démarche proche de la technique CinemaGraf notamment utilisée pour le magnifique clip » Back to me » de Ian & Cooper.

sincerely hana

by anbll (via)
photographs of heterosexual couples switching clothes




Desaturated Fashion Photography

by flakki
I love desaturated photographs. After looking at a lot of stock photography lately, I forgot how much I loved it.

Printing Your Own Digital Photographs

by cryogenius (via)
If you take many shots through your digital camera, you can turn those virtual images into real photos by either sending the memory card to a digital photo lab and pay to have the pictures developed there or you can purchase a digital camera printer also known as a digital photo printer. The printer of your own is a particularly good idea if you take a lot of digital camera pictures.

Leica C-LUX 2 7.2 megapixel digital camera

by RobJohn19
The C-LUX 2 is the first Leica to feature Intelligent ISO exposure control capable of improving picture quality in poor lighting conditions and while capturing fast-moving objects.Channel: Gadgets & Tech Tags: Leica C LUX 2 IOS ISO digital camera

The Kevin Romaniuk Artistic Trust

by jessies_girl & 4 others
Projects and artwork of artist Kevin Romaniuk. From Intellectual ideas to the bizarre and odd.

Colleen Heslin Photo Albums

by jessies_girl & 2 others
the photographic works of Colleen Heslin. Accliamed Canadian Photographer.

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