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Xiaomi sur BestTech

by Diaz06
Vous pouvez découvrir tous les modèles de smartphones de la marque Xiaomi dans cette rubrique. Xiaomi est un constructeur qui fait des produits de qualité et avec un excellent rapport qualité prix.

Comparatif - Meilleur smartphone 2017

by Diaz06
Voici un comparatif qui vous aidera à choisir votre smartphone en fonction de critères comme la taille d'écran et les performances. Vous trouverez également le meilleur smartphone de 2017.


Smartphone chinois

by Diaz06
Si vous voulez avoir un smartphone chinois de qualité et à un prix vraiment compétitif, alors vous pouvez vous rendre sur la boutique BestTech.


The Worst Email Habits and Annoyances You Should Avoid (or At Least Be Aware Of)

by ghis (via)
Good tip for replacing the default signature added by mobile phones.


New Phones

by michcheok
Mobile & cell phone news, reviews, specs, release date, best buys, cheap price for new latest Nokia, Blackberry, Samsung, Sony Ericsson, LG phones.



Samsung U600

by chernobylnews
I’ve recently bought the Samsung U600 and I have to say it “Samsung did it again”. The U600 is the slimmest slide phone ever, measuring an astonishing 10.9mm thickness. It is a new model featuring a 3 megapixel camera with flash and autofocus, and a nice music player. The Samsung U600 is the first of the second-generation Ultra phones to hit the market and is the replacement for the very popular Samsung D900 ultra-slim slide phone. At just 10.9 mm it’s even thinner than the D900, making it the slimmest slide phone available

Nokia N93i

by chernobylnews
After creating a huge buzz with the Nokia N93, N-series is all set to rock your mobile world with the Nokia N93i. As being a revised version of the Nokia N93, it looks exactly like its predecessor, but it is endowed with some added features with a more compact package. Besides that, the Nokia N93i is bit slim than its predecessor. It has been very well stuffed up with superb multimedia features and also offers better imaging features and music effects. As far as its overall profile is concerned, the Nokia N93i is a clamshell phone, hence it comes with internal and external screens, to provide you a consummate viewing experience. Its internal screen can support more than 16.7 million colours to provide you a larger than life viewing experience. Offering so much, the Nokia N93i is an unparalleled blend of style and sophistication.


by ringetoner
polyfoniske ringetoner på din mobil

Are you Ready foe MOTORIZR RIZR Z3?

by giggiolo (via)
The needs of handset users are evolving with the time and for this that Motorola will launch MOTORIZR RIZR Z3 to T-Mobile USA that combines a stylish design with multimedia functionality in a pratical handset. Viewed comfortably in the hand, the new MOTORIZR Z3 is a Quad band 850/900/1800/1900 MHz GSM, packs quad-band connectivity, 2.0-megapixel camera and video capture capabilities.


A Guide To 3G On Mobile Phones

by manifesto2006
Technology, The New Generation Wireless Cell Phones.Technology is running fast now a days, one of the them is wireless phones so what's in your pocket....

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