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The philosophical underpinnings of David Foster Wallace's fiction. - By James Ryerson - Slate Magazine

by jeanruaud
When the future novelist David Foster Wallace was about 14 years old, he asked his father, the University of Illinois philosophy professor James D. Wallace, to explain to him what philosophy is, so that when people would ask him exactly what it was that his father did, he could give them an answer. James had the two of them read Plato's Phaedo dialogue together, an experience that turned out to be pivotal in his understanding of his son. "I had never had an undergraduate student who caught on so quickly or who responded with such maturity and sophistication," James recalls. "This was this first time I realized what a phenomenal mind David had."

Why Travel Alone? - Solo Travel - Solo Holidays Adventure and Travel

by ghis (via)
Travelling alone is a rewarding experience. Whether you are an introvert or extravert it really does not matter. The extravert can meet many new people and being on their own helps this is making them more approachable. The introvert can mind his or her own business. Both personality types have choice.


The Wealth of Nations by Adam Smith

by access2
Two events made 1776 a remarkable year. The first is the well-known Declaration of Independence by the Second Continental Congress. The other, which ultimately has had a far greater influence on the world in which we live, was the quiet publication of The Wealth of Nations by Scottish philosopher Adam Smith. Calling Smith an economist belies the fact that prior to The Wealth of Nations "economics" did not exist. His book is the foundation of the academic discipline.

Neuroscience and the soul

by jeanruaud
[fundamentalists attacking neuroscience]


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