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by srcmax

This project solves problem of full video production cycle (creating, maintaining and releasing) for Adobe After Effects oriented projects. The aim is to build easy-to-use tool for video content creators to make theirs work easier.

It allows you to :

  • create your own render network (render farm).
  • create personalized videos.
  • create localized videos.
  • create data driven videos
  • plan and schedule creation of video project, it's rendering and publishing.


Lincoln Music Selfie

by gregg
Create a unique song based on your facial features

BBC Taster - Your Story

by gregg
Who was number one the day you were born? Who was in No10 when you first voted? Your Story is a new online tool that intertwines your back story with BBC archive news events. Turning the world’s time line, into your time line. Go on, log in and find out YOUR STORY.


Future Self - Orange

by gregg
To celebrate its 20th anniversary, telecom giant Orange, launched the #FutureSelf campaign across the European markets. Created in partnership with agency of record, Paris-based Publicis Conseil, Orange is inviting people to engage in a first of its kind technological journey 20 years down the road to meet and speak with one's future self.

These Final Hours

by gregg
These Final Hours is a transmedia storyworld, told through social updates, mobile plus 'social sim' experiences set over 5 months - that leads you to the end of the world. A blend of rich social/email stories are woven into a nicely push-based narrative. A few replays will uncover a lot of detail and story branches. The experience was created as a lead up to the release of the Australian Film of the same name.

When the restaurant you Googled Googles you back | Ars Technica

by gregg & 1 other (via)
t's not the thought that counts; unexpected in-person customization feels icky.


Silence the Shadows | I

by gregg & 1 other
Scary personalized live action and 3D audio Facebook Connect experience created by Luxurious Animals. The experience is reminscent of Take This Lollipop, whereby it is short and sweet and most personalized if you use Facebook Connect. The user can also subtlely control panning of the video. Another unique aspect of this project is the 3-D audio soundscape (make sure to use headphones if you want to experience it).

Ken Loach's film The Spirit Of '45 - My 45

by gregg
what would my life have been like?Answer the following 5 questions and we will create a graphic of what your life would have been like back in 1945.

(1) Orange France

by gregg
l’application Facebook “Fabulous Story“ où les données du profil Facebook serve à retracer la vie de l’internaute façon album de star, avec voix-off, musique et discours du président himself !


Byzantium Security International

by gregg & 1 other (via)
série Hunted prévu le 19 octobre sur la chaîne câblée premium Cinemax. Le site propose de faire des tests de personnalités ( au terme desquels la compagnie détermine s’il est apte à être recruté comme agent pour mener à bien ses activités d’espionnage industriel. Ce « recrutement » permet d’immerger le potentiel spectateur dans l’univers de la série.

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